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Solar panels have become the most effective way to maintain your house batteries, summer and winter time.

A 250 watt panel will produce about 15 amps per hour in full sunshine.

So the average Motorhome or Caravan battery will be fully recharged by midday of a sunny day using one of these panels. On overcast days it might take all day, depending on your battery capacity.

No need to carry a generator or fuel. No need to put up with the smell and the noise of a generator either.

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caravan photo voltaic 100 Watt Solar Panel

1210 mm High x 545 mm Wide x 35 mm Thick

Our price in NZD: $159.00

pv collector 200 Watt Solar Panel

1580 mm High x 808 mm Wide 40 mm Thick

Our price in NZD: $299.00
250 pv array 250 Watt Solar Panel

1650 mm High x 992 mm Wide x 40 mm Thick

Our price in NZD: $329.00