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3 Way Fridges are powered by Gas, 12 volt DC and 240 volt AC
They are silent because there are no moving parts, but they are extremely inefficient, they are very often used in Motor-homes and Caravans

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N3185 Thetford N3185 Fridge 3 way Fridge Freezer

This model is the Left Hand Door
The Thetford 3 way N3185 refrigerator is an ammonia fridge and has been developed to meet the higher ambient temperatures of the New Zealand. Thetford’s N3185 refrigerators can perform in tropical temperatures and still keep the ice cream frozen and the milk and veggies cool. Choose to operate one or two fans at the same time to boost the cooling performance.

Our price in NZD: $3,450.00
Sale Price: $2,995.00
Savings: $455.00