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Caravan motor movers are a great way to get the vehicle into those tight spaces at the rear of your property, of for hitching up the caravan to the rear of your car
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remote controlled trailer mover Single axle caravan motor-mover

This unit is suitable for single axle caravans or trailers. It can be fitted to most stock caravans.
These are exceptionally convenient if you are having difficulty hooking up to the vehicle or parking your caravan in tight spaces.

List Price NZD: $2,586.00
Our price in NZD: $2,450.00
Savings: $136.00
Caravan Motor Movers Caravan Motor Mover Elite Pro

Allows your caravan to be controlled from any vantage point within frequency range of the control board. You can walk round the caravan with the control unit in your hand and steer the caravan into place with the touch of a button

List Price NZD: $2,775.00
Our price in NZD: $2,575.00