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Are you confused, are you struggling to find the correct LED's for your motorhome or caravan?

Contact our friendly staff on 09 427 8247 and arrange to have LED light fittings bulbs or strips fitted
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LED lighting LED Light fitting and light bulbs

Vantage RV specializes in equipping vehicles for the New Zealand environment. We can advise on extending the freedom camping experience in your Motorhome or Caravan.

wedge LED Wedge LED Warm White

Size: 37 mm long 13 mm diameter

Our price in NZD: $19.95
LED Interior Lamp with Switch 12V LED Interior Lamp with Switch

Size: 282 mm Long x 34 mm wide

Our price in NZD: $59.00
Remote controlled HID Spot light Search Light 12V/24V Remote Controlled

Pencil beam HID light

Our price in NZD: $199.00