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satelite antenna Alden Manual Dish CTV65

This well proven easy to use manual satellite dish is often used in Europe, especially on caravans fitted with Omni directional antenna, the dish can be mounted as a replacement to the traditional caravan antenna if you want to receive HD digital satellite reception.

Installation is quick and easy which keeps the costs down even more.

Our price in NZD: $949.00
Sale Price: $770.00
Savings: $179.00

auto satelite antenna Alden Vansat 45

The VanSat is a portable automatic dish for vehicles with little or no roof space, if your roof is covered with solar panels and surf boards then this might suit you.

The dish can be mounted using its flexible rubber suckers onto any reasonably flat surface on the Northern side of the vehicle. Enjoy watching TV just like you would at home without wasting time finding a good signal with dated dish technology.

The unit comes apart for easy storage.

Our price in NZD: $2,295.00
Sale Price: $1,895.00
Savings: $400.00
auto satelite antenna Alden Onelight 65

The Onelight is a reliable well built satellite dish. It has become a popular choice for many motorhomers and caravaners.

The 640mm dish has a remarkably small footprint on the roof of your vehicle because of it's unique oval shape. This dish has excellent signal capture. It has been manufactured in France using powder coated aluminium, UV resistant plastics, UV resistant cables and stainless steel, so it is be ideally suited in NZ's harsh sunny and salty environment.

Our price in NZD: $2,395.00
EVO satellite antenna and SCC box Alden EVO 65

The EVO is a fully automatic, easy to operate satellite dish. It automatically goes up when you turn on your TV and folds away when you turn it off again, keeping it safe from high winds or storms that might occur in the night.

The EVO can be combined with the AIO (all in one) TV system from ALDEN, or alternatively it can be linked to any other TV brand using the SCC box, which contains the operating system for the automatic dish.

The EVO dish is perforated, allowing air to pass through it freely, which minimized the stresses on the roof with regard to high winds.

Another advantage of the EVO dish is that when it is flat down on the roof the rain can also pass through the dish, and thus sediment build up on the back side of the dish is minimized, keeping the dish clean.

Our price in NZD: $2,695.00
automatic satelite dish Alden Orbitter 85

The largest dish of all in our collection. This is a fully automatic and easy to operate satellite dish. Large enough to get fantastic signal anywhere in NZ, as. Automatically folds away when you turn the TV off, which is great, for 2 reasons. No shading on the solar panel, and no worries about strong wind forces on the dish or roof, because the dish is always down unless you are watching TV.

Our price in NZD: $3,699.00