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Motor-home and Caravan insurance repair specialists
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Motorhome solar systems fitted Insurance Repair Work

We are familiar with working with a wide range of modern high-tech products, such as light weight High-density Polyurethane Foams, XPS foam insulation and GRP or Aluminium outer vehicle panels. That’s where having knowledgeable staff is key to our productivity and ability to process complex claims.

We also have highly skilled joiners who can rebuild the interior joinery work of a damaged vehicle

European Motor-home manufacturers are no longer using traditional construction methods and materials.
Their high-tech manufacturing processes rely on light weight products such as High-density Polyurethane Foams as structural struts, XPS foams as insulation and GRP and aluminium as the outer skin of the vehicle.
Most traditional panel beaters are not that keen on working with these modern materials. Apart from that, they usually only want to repair the outer body damage as they don’t have the skills or knowledge to repair damaged cabinet work, on the inside of the vehicle.
Internal and external work is done by us onsite and only the final spray painting is outsourced to a specialist in order to get the best finish possible.