Meet the crew
Vantage RV staff

Meet the team

We are striving to create a work culture that is friendly, busy, dynamic within a safe environment, filled with talented and passionate people who care, and who are engaged in making remarkable things happen.

A workplace within which individual skills and talents are unleashed, and where the staff can do their best and be proud of it.

A culture that provides our customers with excellence, outstanding performance, and good value.


Harry is the founder and Managing Director of Vantage RV Ltd.

His interest in recreational vehicles began early when he converted his first bus and traveled around Europe.

He has now been working on motor-homes and caravans for longer than he cares to admit and can turn his hand to almost any job. With a degree in environmental management he has a keen interest in solar energy and other technologies that make living on wheels a sustainable option.

Harry's roles are buying, estimating and marketing for Vantage RV, making sure that company is providing its customers with the most efficient products and services.


Johan is Harry’s son and a partner in Vantage RV Ltd.

Johan has been interested in all things technical since he was a boy, working with his Dad to build everything from remote control boats to motor-homes. Johan completed his tertiary education in engineering and is the company’s technical ‘genius’. He loves a good puzzle and can turn his hand to almost anything. He frequently solves problems that customers tell us have stumped other workshops. Johan divides his time between the office and the workshop where he has oversight over the team of technicians. His time is spent working with clients on design solutions, developing our services and products, solving the trickiest of problems, planning workflow and making sure that each job is completed exactly according to customers’ requests.


Antoinette is Vantage RV Ltd’s Office Manager which broadly means she runs the show, using her strong organizational skills, she makes sure that everyone knows what is going on, that we are all safe and that the bills get paid.

Antoinette works closely with Harry and Johan to maintain a caring and high-quality customer experience.

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Phil has been with Vantage RV Ltd for years. He has seen the company grow and has grown with it.

With a background in yacht building, Phil has experience working on multi-million dollar boats, an experience which comes in very useful when he is working on motor-homes and caravans. Phil applies decades of boat building skills to the repair of accident damaged vehicles. He also takes on the many important jobs associated with getting new and imported vehicles ready for NZ’s roads.


Rav not only oversees the repair and maintenance of all the cooling and heating systems in motorhomes and caravans but can also resolve most 12 volt DC technical issues that customers turn up with.

Rav has most of the technical skills to work on Motorhomes and caravans, but has just started a new Coachbuilding course to get the theory and qualifications 

He is extremely versatile, always cheerful, and keen to help. Rav enjoys doing complex auto electrical and solar installations and solar fridge installations.


Aaron has been working as a coachbuilder in the Motorhome industry for a long time, his discipline is mainly dedicated to cabinet work, but he is an allrounder and can turn his hands to a wide range of issues 

He is always happy to help our customers and colleagues.

Aaron does a lot of our annual warranty inspections for us, he has a lovely way with people and we are very pleased to have him on our team.


Krish is our AC electrician, he is an essential part of our team. Krish is currently studying evenings to upgrade is qualifications 

Like the rest of the team, Krish has been learning to broaden his skill base, so that he can apply himself to other tasks within the motor-home and caravan trade where every day and every vehicle brings a new challenge.